The Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego, Inc., is completely run by its members. In addition to members running for Officer and At-Large Board Members, there are a variety of committees within the club where members can contribute and add their personal flare to one or more aspects of the club. If you are a member and would like to enhance the value of the club to its members, bringing your talents and skills to bear on issues facing the club regularly, look here for a committee you think would interest you. If you’re unsure where you can best put your talents to use, why not contact a Board Member and discuss your interests and skills.

Committees all need volunteers who aren’t afraid to work. Having committee members who really contribute adds value to the committee and to the club as a whole. Committees range from Doberman Rescue (We always need people to transport, bath, foster and train rescues) to Social (for the many club events and functions) to Membership (recruiting and help new members). With all the various committees, you’re sure to find one which interests you and can challenge your skills.

If you have any questions on committees please contact the specific Committee Chair.

Active Aztec DPC Committees and Responsibilities:

Archives – Responsible for the maintenance of club items of historic significance. These items include photographs and memorabilia which provide a history of the foundation and activities of the club from formation to the present.

CHAIR: Lynda Beck-Smith

Awards – This committee is responsible for preparation and coordination concerning the awards presented at the annual meeting in May of each year. Committee members will recommend the award categories, solicit competitive entries from the general membership, judge which entries are the winners, prepare the award certificates, and deliver the awards to the annual meeting.

CHAIR: Hillary Griffith

Breeder Referral – Responsible for putting people interested in contacting local Doberman breeders in touch with qualified Doberman breeders in the area.

CHAIR: Tim Ragland

DPCA Delegate  Allen Trial


Agility – The Committee’s goal is to get the Club qualified to put on Agility Trials. This new committee’s first event was a “pay and play” or “show and go” at the Sports Center on September 25, 2005 which was a success.

Equipment – Responsible for equipment purchasing, maintenance, transportation, specification, and recommendation. The Equipment Committee will ensure that all club equipment required for a specific function arrives in a suitable time to permit setup before the scheduled event time.

WAE – The Working Aptitude Evaluation subjects a dog to a wide variety of situations, observes the responses to these situations and provides a measurement of soundness based upon the breed standard. The committee coordinates each year’s event.

Chair: Board of Directors

Legislative – Responsible for keeping a close watch on any legislative matters that may have an impact on the Club purposes and communicating these matters to the club at the Board and General meetings. If necessary, this committee may recommend specific actions to support or defeat the legislative measure.

CHAIR:  Allen Trial

Membership – Responsible for providing an accurate club membership list to the club secretary, providing blank membership applications for potential members, collecting and storing completed applications and hold harmless agreements, monitoring and administering a program to facilitate new member indoctrination into the club and club activities, and any other items that may directly affect club membership and retention of club members, as designated by the Aztec Board.

CHAIR: Lynda Beck-Smith

Programs – Responsible for planning, coordinating and presentation material at the General meetings. This includes providing a program schedule to the Board, coordinating times and subjects with guest speakers, providing audio visual services as required by the particular program, introducing the program to the general membership, obtaining suitable speaker gifts, etc.

CHAIR: Board of Directors

Public Education/Publicity & Public Relations -The single point of contact who will monitor all outgoing club related correspondence that may be reprinted in non-Aztec publications. This specifically excludes letters and correspondence involved in conducting Aztec business, such as match and specialty related items, correspondence with the AKC, etc. Club members wishing to publish any club related information outside the club must first clear the information with this committee.


Recreation & Social – The committee is responsible for providing, planning, coordinating, and implementation refreshments, food, and beverages for various club activities including General meetings, matches, specialty shows, picnics, etc.

CHAIR: Board of Directors

Specialty – Responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing all activities that relates to the successful conduct of AKC sanctioned specialty shows and obedience trials. Normally, the club holds one such event each year, normally on the third Friday in February. Activities include submitting the necessary paperwork to AKC or specialty site, contacting the specialty and obedience judges, contacting the show superintendent, coordinating with the equipment, recreational and social, ways and means, newsletter, and other committees whose assistance may be required for a successful event. The committee will also maintain a specialty notebook which contains information to make future event planning easier to ensure success.

CHAIR: Tim Ragland

Resource Development – The Committee is responsible for procurement, stocking, inventory, sales and marketing of Doberman, canine, and animal related items at club functions.

CHAIR: Lynda Beck-Smith 

Web Site – Responsible for designing, maintaining and updating the Aztec web site. This committee works closely with all other Aztec committees and the Board of Directors to ensure that the content of this site is suitable and as current as possible.

CHAIR:  Open