Rescue logoAztec Doberman Rescue, the award-winning rescue program of ADPC is funded entirely by donations and fundraising activities. The fundamental principles of the prevention of cruelty to animals are the driving force and this program’s purpose is to come to the aid of Dobermans in need. This is accomplished by the adoption of Dobermans which have overstayed their time in shelters, providing foster homes to dogs awaiting placement, veterinary care if necessary, spaying and neutering, and maintaining a reference file of dogs available for adoption and people wishing to adopt a rescue dog.

As a public service to Doberman owners, if someone owns a Doberman that needs a new home, but is unable to keep the dog until that time, we will publish and promote the dogs as a courtesy to the owner. Additionally, it is at our sole discretion to accept privately owned dogs for promotion; our objective is to help find homes for Dobermans before they are surrendered to a shelter.

Aztec Doberman Rescue has saved hundreds of Dobermans over the years, the volunteers help in the rescue and transport of Dobermans from various places in Southern California including County and Humane Society shelters, prospective homes, vet visits, walking and training, and maintaining an Internet presence.