Getting Involved & Donating

The only way our rescue efforts can be effective is through volunteers and generous donors. Help is always needed on various levels:

  • Become a club member and get involved
  • Donating your time to help man the booth at adoption or other events
  • Offer yourself to be available to pick up dogs, or take them to vet appointments
  • Just be with the dogs and socialize, play or give some basic training
  • Visit homes and meet with prospective owners
  • Become a foster home to a rescue dog
  • Make a donation. The funds we collect go to pay for the following:

» Veterinary care
» Kenneling & bedding
» Food
» Spay and Neuter
» Micro-chipping
» Training
» Education

Your donations may be tax deductible. Please, consult an accountant.  We are a non-profit charitable organization.When you make a donation to Aztec Doberman Rescue, you can be assured that virtually all of your donation will go directly toward the rescue program. What you see is what you get, we have no fine print, vague exceptions, or excuses.

You may contribute using the PayPal button below or send your check payable to “Aztec Doberman Rescue”, and if you wish, you may specify that your donation to go to a particular dog, or for a particular purpose.

Send to:

Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club
Attn:  Rescue
P.O. Box 711103
Santee, CA 92072